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Almost every day we face with imperfect legislation and its effect particularly during business activity. The team of lawyers CREDO-AUDIT is always by to help and give good advice.

Legal advice:

  • Oral and written advice on the matters of law; 
  • Preparation of intracompany instruments (regulations, rules, instructions, etc.); 
  • Preparation and analysis of legal documents.

 Representation and protection: 

  • Preparation of claims, prejudicial settlement of disputes; 
  • Counseling, participation in negotiations;
  • Preparation of procedural documents (statements of claim, review the statement of defense, settlement agreements, applications, petitions, etc.); 
  • Representation in courts of all jurisdictions; 
  • Support execution.

 Contractual relationships:

  • Contract drafting; 
  • Legal analysis of contracts regarding compliance with law; 
  • Participation in negotiations for the conclusion of contracts, amendments, termination of contracts.

Registration of companies:

  • Registration LLC, Private Сompany, Private entrepreneurship, JSC, and other forms; 
  • Reorganization of the enterprise (the merger, division, etc.); 
  • Changes in the statutes; 
  • Amendments to registration documents.


  • Elimination  all forms of ownership; 

Licenses and permits receiving

  • Construction; 
  • Medical care; 
  • Harvesting and processing of recyclable materials; 
  • Other types of licenses. 
  • ***
  • Permission for foreigners; 
  • Permit of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on coordination, concentration;
  • Resolution on health and safety; 
  • Permission for work starting
  • Other permissions.

Securities and Stock Market:

  • Registration and maintenance on the securities market; 
  • The organization and support of additional issue; 
  • Termination on the securities market; 
  • Dematerialization of securities;  
  • Reorganization of JSC into other organizational forms; 
  • Preparation, submission and publication issuers reporting (quarterly, annual reports, specific information); 
  • Organization of meetings of shareholders. 

Real estate, construction and land: 

  • Preparation and maintenance contracts of sale, exchange, donation, lease and other real estate transactions; 
  • Providing legal expertise on the title documents for real estate; 
  • Registration real estate title; 
  • Obtaining permits for construction; 
  • Support operations on registration of land.

The benefits of cooperation

  • No expenses on lawyer’s working place and its service
  • No expenses on lawyer’s salary taxes and duties
  • No need to look for the specialists in the sphere of law
  • Highly qualified lawyers with diversified experience
  • Deep knowledge of current legislation and broad practice of using
  • Responsibility for quality and terms of services
  • Individual and definitive packages of services (advisory services; subscription services; payment only for spent time etc.)
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