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Valuation of assets is a modern and effective instrument for business doing and development. In conditions of constantly changeable business environment the assessment facilitates the determination of the effective cost of targeted objects while valid and updated information about asset value is important advantage when it comes to executive decision making.

Providing estimating services is made by independent company which has required accreditations and licenses for carrying out the valuation activities and also the certificate of the subject of estimation activity in such directions: valuation of real estate, valuation of movable estate, valuation of equipment, business valuation, and intellectual property assessment etc.

Report provision on assessed value of valuated object is the result of assessment and moreover advisory and future references as for the valuated objects are provided.

Primary areas of evaluation for our company are:

Estimated value of company (business)

Value of business is an objective index of its function results which provides financial, organizational and technological analysis of its current activity and also prospects for its future effective function and development.

estimation of the integral property complexes

estimation of the investment projects

estimation of securities and equity rights - evaluation of shares, ownership interest, participatory interests, bonds value, bills of exchange, options and futures.

estimation of the intellectual property objects – programs, books, patents, trademarks.

Estimation is made for the following purposes:

  • Project investment and lending
  • Taxing of transactions and accountancy
  • Handling  purchase and sale transactions
  • International auditing
  • Compulsive assets estimation in cases established by current legislation