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Ukraine is the country with a market economy, which is located at the crossroads of East Europe, Russia and Middle East. Ukraine is becoming an increasingly important market for external trade and investments. Resource and economic potential of Ukraine consists of many agricultural grounds, scientific and research institutions, educated and qualified labor force, and significant mineral reserves.
In 2008, Ukraine was the 152 country, joined the World Trade organization.
The most priority sectors for investments are agriculture, electric power engineering, development and extraction of mineral resources, machine manufacturing, information technology, oil and chemical industry, food and light industry, building.

The conduct of business in Ukraine is possible in the form of Limited Liability Company, additional liability company, which is obligatory for certain activities such as Insurance Companies, Trust Companies and Joint Stock Companies, representative of non-residents, form of private enterprise and business in the form of a private entrepreneur.
The most common forms of business used by foreign investors in Ukraine are representations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC).
The Foreign investors can also create stock companies in Ukraine (SC), but this form of business rarely used because activities of Ukrainian stock companies are subject to certain restrictions and regulation of securities circulation.
Other forms of business conduction are possible, but rarely used and have no interest to most of foreign investors.


The Limited Liability Companies

Joint Stock Company


In Ukraine, the taxes and mandatory payments are levied in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine (effective from 2011). From January 1, 2016 in the tax code have been made significant changes, according to which taxes and charges include:

1. The company income tax ("CIT");

2. Value Added Tax ("VAT");

3. The personal income tax ("PIT");

4. The single social tax ("Single Contribution");

5. Single tax

6. The excise tax;

7. Tax on property;

8. Duty;

9. The temporary "military" collection (from August 3, 2014. Before the end of the Armed Forces reform in Ukraine);

10. The rental fee.

All companies - taxpayers are required to register in the state fiscal service ("SFS") and get the individual tax number (TIN). Registration is carried out in the local tax inspection at the place of legal incorporation.
The representation of foreign companies (with / without business practices) also should follow the procedure of tax registration.
Without TIN it is impossible to open a bank account in Ukraine.

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