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Formation of the stock market and the movement of investment capital increase interest in the joint-stock companies and other issuers of securities. In addition, the current legislative requirements stipulate specific evaluation criteria to issuers regarding corporate governance and compliance with the disclosure of their financial activities .

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the imposition of significant penalties. To avoid this , and to provide effective assistance and the provision of legal assistance to issuers of securities , our company carries out maintenance issuers. These services include organizing and conducting meetings of shareholders , preparation and publication and submission to NSSMC specific information , training, publication and submission of quarterly and annual reporting issuers, issuers of the transformation of financial statements under IFRS , auditing , consulting auditor, accountants, lawyers and much more. All of these services for issuers are rendered by our auditors with a broad professional experience.

Audit services:

  • Audit of accounting and tax accounting.
  • Audit of financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Transformation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Consolidation of financial statements
  • Consultation on issues of law, accounting and taxation.

Registration services:

  • Registration of PC, PJSC, changes in statutory and registration documents.
  • Reorganization of PC, PJSC into the LLC or other form of property.
  • Transformation of JSC, CJSC inTO the PC, PJSC.
  • Dematerialization of securities
  • Registration and maintenance of issue of securities (stocks, bonds, etc.).
  • Licensing activities, permits, registration of trade marks and other intellectual property rights

Legal service of  securities issue:

  • Preparation of regular and special information (reports) of companies, according to the requirements of NSSMC.
  • Publication of information by issuers of securities (regular, special, other), according to the requirements of NSSMC.
  • Representation of the interests of the Issuer in the bodies of NSSMC.
  • Organization and maintenance procedures for the general meeting of shareholders.
  • Preparation and legal review of documents, other legal support.
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