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Start up


Start-up - a word that translated to English language means - run (start-up). In everyday life, the word is commonly understood as a start-up, "the newly created business" or " business project". Consequently, the creation and development of new business or development of a new business in a particular industry can be called a startup .

Creation and development of start-ups is determined by the solution of all kinds of legal and financial issues as well as issues related to the selection team, the choice of organizational structure and forms of enterprise search and attraction of financial resources, the organization of business processes.

 The practice of creating and development of start-ups suggests that many start-ups and remain unfulfilled ideas.

Our company has successful experience and resources needed to support the business in different sectors of the economy. We are ready to share their knowledge and experience acquired. Accordingly, we can offer the following services:

consultations on the establishment and management of business ;

development of business plans, feasibility study ;

Consultation on the right;

registration of enterprises;

organization and management of financial and tax accounting in enterprises;

document preparation and obtaining licenses, permits documents;

selection of personnel for the financial service;

search and assist in attracting investors;

assistance with negotiations with credit institutions;

search and selection of franchises , analysis and maintenance of franchise agreements;

tracking transactions and registration of ownership of real estate;

execution and registration of intellectual property rights;

registration of ownership of corporate law;

complex tracking transactions business.

This list of services is far from exhaustive. We are always focused to provide customers a full range of solutions for the effective launch and support a start-up.

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