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INPACT International Welcomes New Member Firm in UK*

Stanes Rand, accounting firm in UK, recently joined INPACT International Andrew Rand is the contact partner at Stanes Rand. Andrew gave us a overview of his firm: "Established in 2001, Stanes Rand Chartered Accountants and Registered Audito ...


CREDO-AUDIT became a member of INPACT International

INPACT is an international association of independent accounting firms affiliated to meet the challenges of a global marketplace with members throughout the world. We are proud to be a member of INPACT Int. an international association of independe ...


February 9th, our company celebrated its 13th birthday

February 9th, we celebrated his 13th birthday. This day is the day of our establishment (day company), which according to tradition, we celebrate every year. During these 13 years, we have achieved many goals, but we do not stop this, we strive to be ...