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Our experience in developing and realization of unique programs, tax and expenses optimization schemes in the frame of current legislation encourage Clients to gain their aims.

Any task and situation are considered and solved in a complex in respect to tax, economic, legal and political effects.

Financial consulting

  • Developing business plans, insolvency plans, investment projects; 
  • The organization of management accounting and planning; 
  • Financial analysis of activity
  • Consultations on the organization and planning; 
  • Advice on finance, lending and capital investment; 
  • Search and attraction of direct investments, loans and other sources of funding. 

Tax consulting

  • Development of mechanisms to optimize taxation system; 
  • Representation in the bodies of State Tax Service; 
  • Support of tax authorities verification; 
  • Appeal to the decisions of the tax authorities, tax audit conclusions; 
  • Tax advice.

 HR Consulting

  • HR Audit
  • Developing HR regulations
  • Developing employment contract; 
  • Developing internal regulations, instructions and rules; 
  • Preparation and registration of the collective agreement; 
  • Support staff reorganization procedures
  • Selection of personnel testing financial services.

The development of companies in today's market requires a constant struggle with competitors and to find innovative solutions to streamline systems management and business organization.

CREDO-AUDIT offers consulting services in the following areas:

Investment Projects:

  • Comprehensive survey of investment objects (Due Diligence);
  • Structuring transactions;
  • Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies for investment;
  • Legal, financial and accounting supporting acquisitions of investment objects (large property companies or individual projects);
  • Interaction with financial institutions, potential investors, representation in support  investment projects, analysis and recommendations regarding the forms and sources of investment;
  • Management of investment prospects;
  • Developing strategy aimed at increasing the company's value: the market, financial, corporate;
  • Formation of investment prospects;
  • Evaluation of business.

Restructuring and reorganization of companies from all industries:

  • Preliminary analysis of the legal structure of the business and future developments;
  • Development and comparative analysis of options for restructuring and / or reorganization of the business;
  • Financial modeling activities, preparation of forecast variants statements. 

Financial management:

  • Organization of management accounting and budgeting;
  • Forming consolidated financial statements for owners and managers of organizations on the basis of management accounting;
  • Financial analysis, and monitoring of sustainability indicators, liquidity, solvency and profitability of the organization, analysis, and control of correlation of equity and debt;
  • Development of a set of measures to improve the financial performance of the organization and supervision of their implementation.
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