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A statutory audit is audit of financially-economic activity, conducted by an independent auditing firm, in accordance with the International standards of audit and the requirements of public supervisory bodies, whose requirements after the giving of conclusion, are specified by the norms of legislation of Ukraine.


Audit of the financial statements

Audit of formation of the charter capital

Audit of capital investments


Audit of enterprises at bankruptcy, liquidations. It is confirmation of liquidating balance

Audit of founders of bank. It is confirmation of the financial state, solvency of founders

Other types of services of statutory audit

Non-statutory audit is audit of segments of financially-economic activity conducting of which is caused by direct initiative of Authorities, Owners, Investors, conducted by an independent audit firm, in accordance with the International standards of audit and the internal corporate policy of auditing firm, with the purpose of providing objective estimations and conclusions in relation to the segments of financially-economic activity.

Review of financial reporting means express analysis of financial reporting correctness and timeliness   

Due Diligence means complex audit of the accounting, tax accounting and statements, and also legal aspects of economic activity.

Analysis of the accounting and tax accounting system - auditing the accuracy of assessment and timeliness  of all taxes and duties payment.  

Financial Due Diligence according to IFRS (GAAP) is verification of authenticity and accordance of the financial reporting to the legislative requirements; verification of authenticity of information about a profitableness, financial stability and commercial prospects of Company, estimation of results of commercial activity.

Transformation of financial statements – compilation of financial reporting according to IFRS/GAAP and other standards including special requirements of owners, non-residents and other officers.

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