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Buying/selling a business

Transactions of the sale or purchase of assets, merger companies reohranizatsiyi business structure, acquisition of existing enterprises usually are bilateral in nature and provide financial and legal risks. Minimizing risk requires financial and legal assessment and planning.

Transaction support for pryobrytenyya or sale of operating businesses, acquisitions, reorganization or other similar business transaction, one of the activities of our company. Escort accompanies these agreements provide the following services:


For Customers of ongoing business

  • Advice on buying ongoing business.
  • Search for selling business by order of  the buyer.
  • Conduct of negotiations in behalf of the buyer.
  • An independent appraisal of selling businesses. (On buyer request )
  • Diligence on the proposed sale of the business. (On seller request )
  • Search for investor, lender, mediation in negotiations with credit funds.
  • Full legal support for transactions of  purchase and sale of business (On a turnkey basis)
  • Checking of seller reputation . (On buyer request )
  • Guarantee of confidentiality and transactions security.

For Sellers of ongoing business:

  • Advice on buying ongoing business.
  • Consultations on sale of ongoing businesses.
  • Rapid assessment of business. (By request)
  • Development of legal and tax schemes for business selling.
  • Advice on improving the investment attractiveness.
  • Searching for a buyer, preliminary talks with him.
  • Full legal support of the sales transaction until full and mutual transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer.
  • Guarantee of confidentiality and transactions security.

 The list of services is not exhaustive. We are dedicated to providing a full range of solutions aimed at achieving the goals.

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