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Accounting services (Outsourcing) -  the organization and conducting the bookkeeping, tax and administrative accounting of the enterprises, preparation and carrying out the reporting and records.  


Online accounting. HR outsourcing

 Bookkeeping and tax accounting outsourcing

 Reconstruction of the bookkeeping system

Formation and submission of the reporting. Management accounting Organization of the bookkeeping accounting. Accounting policies development
Control functions on accounting, reporting formation. Consultations


  • No expenses on accountant’s working place, programs acquisition, legal base and special books
  • No expenses on accountant’s salary taxes and duties
  • No influence of human factor (illness, vacation, pregnancy, internal misunderstanding etc.)
  • Accounting is carried out by qualified staff taking into consideration actual aspects of current legislation
  • Quality control on regular basis
  • Responsibility for quality and completeness of bookkeeping accounting
  • Strict confidentiality (TOP management salary, taxes paid etc.)
  • Support by auditors of the Company, online response on the Client’s request
  • Using international standards and instruments provided by international network INPACT International
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